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Need Website makers

Greetings to all,

GIVFE charity is a great new organisation looking to benefit the less privledged. This is a great oppurtunity to be part of a great team of hardworking individuals dedicating their time and efforts into their mission. As such, we require an website technician to help reformat the website due to having many errors.

We will be accepting resumes at, please make sure to include a number at which you can be contacted.

To learn more about our cause click on:

Yours sincerely,

GIVFE charity

Volunteers needed

GIVFE charity is looking for volunteers who can apply in the ‘contact us’

page of the website.

We are looking for volunteers who are aspiring or recreational artists looking to spread the word and willing to donate their work for charity. Contact us if you are that talented individual who requires the opportunity to shine!

If you are interested in a more executive position, email your resume to